26 de agosto de 2012

Delirium Styler

Delirium Style is one of my favorite stores in the whole grid. They have items for male and female, and the best thing is that most of their outfits come with shoes and accesories.
In this set of pictures, I used the newest skin from Egoisme/Evian- Davide in its medium tone
This is "Martin" it has several options of shorts colors in mesh, chucks, t-shirt, earplugs and necklace. As I told you before, you dont need to worry about settin up an outfit or even trying to find the accesories to complement it.

This outfit is "Pete"
One of the newest releases too, you can have the mesh denim shorts and vest , sneakers and tee. All that included in the same outfit

This is "Dean" it has mesh pants, mesh sneakers, t-shirt and mesh scarf.

This is "Kent" with boots, ripped or plain pants, belt, mesh vest and t-shirt (not shown)

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